Tulip Season

Tulips are one of the most varied flowers that have the distinct feature of continuing to grow once cut. You may have noticed an arrangement with tulips changes shape from day to day. Tulips (like anemones) keep growing in the vase, so you will need to recut their stems if you want them to stay the same height. Or you can let them grow.

Tulips have been bred over centuries for variety. There are tulips with fringed petals, peony shapes, lily shapes, or stripes (which are caused by a virus). Tulips with ragged edges are called parrot tulips. Large tulips with very long straight stems are called French tulips.

In eighteenth century Netherlands, tulips were prized and worth a great deal of money.  They were the object of wild speculation which caused a huge financial boom and then a serious economic crash.

Now tulips are a spring favorite which will be around for a few more weeks. Then we’ll say goodbye to them until next spring.