Winter Flowers

We've taken out the tree, put away the ornaments, cleaned up the remainders of the festivities. There's snow outside, but it feels a bit empty inside.

Queue the flowers. A colorful bouquet for the table, a single stem in a pretty vase (or bottle) is an uplifting reminder of nature's return. 

Flowers we especially like right now are early spring bulbs like anemones and ranunculus, tulips and hyacinths. Ornithogalum (star of Bethlehem) is a tried and true performer that comes in white and bright orange and lasts longer than other flowering bulbs.

It's orchid season. This is a most versatile family of colors and shapes. They are moderately long lasting as a cut flower. For Valentines Day, I see interest in red orchids. They look great alone and also with lighter colored flowers (like blush pink or cafe).

Consider foliage as a main element this time of year for a really lush look. Add three or five distinctive flowers for a striking arrangement. 

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